Visualization in mixed-methods research on social networks

The journal Sociological Research Online has just published (31 May 2016) a special section on “Visualization in Mixed-Methods Research on Social Networks”, guest edited by Alessio D’Angelo, Louise Ryan and myself.
Figure 1 – Tubaro, Ryan & D’Angelo

The five papers in this peer-reviewed special issue explore the potential of visual tools to accompany qualitative and mixed-methods research. Visualization can support data collection, analysis and presentation of results; it can be used for personal or complete networks; it can be paper-and-pencil or computer-based. Overall, visualization helps to jointly understand network contents and network structures.

The special issue is freely accessible from all commercial (non-academic) internet providers.

Visualization in Mixed-Methods Research on Social Networks (Introduction to the special section),
by Alessio D’Angelo, Louise Ryan and Paola Tubaro

Figure 2 - Tubaro, Ryan & D'Angelo
Figure 2 – Tubaro, Ryan & D’Angelo
Figure 1 – Bellotti

Cases, Mechanisms and the Real: The Theory and Methodology of Mixed-Method Social Network Analysis,
by Nick Crossley and Gemma Edwards

The Visual Sociogram in Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Research,
by Paola Tubaro, Louise Ryan and Alessio D’Angelo

Qualitative Methods and Visualizations in the Study of Friendship Networks,
by Elisa Bellotti

Figure 4 – Altissimo

Combining Egocentric Network Maps and Narratives: An Applied Analysis of Qualitative Network Map Interviews,
by Alice Altissimo

The Biographical Network Method,
by Neil Armitage





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